Wire Pulling

Contractors Choice carries all major manufacturers of cable, rope and wire pulling equipment including Current Tools, Greenlee, iTool, Gardner Bender and Condux. We stock portable and stationary pulling equipment with capabilities of all ranges.  Call and speak with a representative for pricing and availability on purchase or rental of all new and used cable, rope and wire pulling products | 1(800)670-8665

Tuggers | Tuggers w/ Mantis Package | Cable Feeders | Rope | Pulling Grips | Fish Tape | Duct Rodders | Sheaves | Radius Sheaves | Manhole Sheaves | Straight Cable Rollers | Radius Cable Rollers | 4-Sided Rollers

New, Used and Reconditioned Available for Sale or Rent

Not all wire pulling equipment available is shown.  For variations or alternate technique tools call and speak with a representative about availability and pricing – (800)670-8665

Current Tools | Greenlee | iTool | Gardner Bender | Condux


Equipment is stocked in one of three locations including Cincinnati, Columbus, and Cleveland, Ohio.  Items can be ordered upon request if not stocked on location.